The Danish Working Culture in a Global Work Environment

By 29. November 2017

Does Danish work culture affects an international work environment and if yes, in which way?

Anthropologist Dennis Nørmark challenges Danish work culture conceptions at this event at NEAS Energy hosted by International House North Denmark and Expat in Denmark (DI). Through anecdotes Dennis Nørmark gives insight on the cultural characteristics of the Danish work culture and the (un)written rules.

Among others, he will entertain you with things that Danes perceive as “normal”, which might be very peculiar for internationals. Dennis will also challenge some of the Danish perceptions about work, management and collaboration to see if some of these are sometimes working against their own global aspirations. Are there culturally enforced preferences in Danish organizations that also prevents the Danes from getting the results they want?

The event is for both internationals working with Danes and Danes working with internationals. We hope for an interactive afternoon where you get the opportunity to discuss Danish work culture and everyday challenges with both Danes and internationals.

The event is in English and free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you