Why the Global Growth Agents Program?

By taking part in the Global Growth Agents program (GGA) you will enhance your opportunties of establishing your career in North Denmark by understanding the danish working culture, learning the Danish language and developing your network with local and international employers, as well as our partners. For your personal development, you will connect with like-minded international students which by itself gives you a good networking platform.

More Internationals in Nordjylland 

North Denmark is experiencing a significant growth when it comes to its international population, particularly due to the increase of students from all over the world who choose Aalborg and the local universities to start or continue their academic development. 

Difficulties for Graduates and Companies

However, these international graduates fail to find full time employment once they graduate. This reduces the talent’s retention in the region. On the other side, the North Danish business sector is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals in many areas.

We have identified some challenges 

International House North Denmark together with the North Danish Chamber of Commerce has identified some of the challenges that companies have when hiring international graduates: such as lacking command of Danish language or missing knowledge about the Danish workplace culture.

And we Launched the GGA program

The Global Growth Agents program takes on these and other challenges by training international students to ensure a better fit for the local businesses. The selected agents collaborate with local Danish companies enhancing their employment opportunity in Northern Denmark.

"If you are a new student in Aalborg who wishes to make a career in North Denmark after graduation, then make sure to read more about the program."

Yang Che-LinGGA Alumni and current Project engineer at Liftra A/S

"I wholeheartedly recommend the GGA program as the following candidates get to know how to start a career in North Jutland. Meanwhile, you can build long-term friendships, discover new passions and get included within the Danish society."

Ionut-Valentin MunteanuGGA Alumni and Technical Quality Assurance at CIvicTech

"The International House staff are very supportive not only regarding your career life but also regarding anything you might need help with."

Lisa SchulteGGA Alumni and Team Assistant at Deilmann-haniel

What do you gain out of it?

The selected Global Growth Agents will have the opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops, courses, meetings and other activities taking place at the International House North Denmark, our partners and local companies. All these activities are developed with the purpose to strengthen the Agents’ competences and overall profiles. In this sense, there are different outcomes for the different initiatives taking place during this program. While the selected international students are active in the program, they can expect to:
  • Participate in 1 event a month on average
  • Have access to hand-held support during the duration the program and afterwards
  • Motivate and learn more Danish language – both at the language school and alone
  • Increase the prospect of finding a job in the region of north Denmark
  • Understand the Danish culture, traditions and the rules and norms at a workplace, in order to “fit in” and adapt the work habits to complement the Danish way of working
  • Have a good overview of the local and regional business Industries and local companies 
  • Obtain greater skills in the areas of public speaking and the ‘elevator pitch’
  • Gain relevant local experience which is highly respected by employers
  • Become better at branding one self to potential employers and get inspiration for your future career in Denmark
  • Gain a network of young professionals from more than 30 different countries and backgrounds
  • Attend insightful company visits made in collaboration with the local business sector
  • Achieve an innovative mindset
  • Be rewarded with a diploma upon a successful completion of the program

Who can apply?

Selection Criteria and Application Process

The program is currently ongoing and the new recruitment period will take place again later in the end of 2019
If you will not become selected as an Agent, you will still be able to attend some of the program’s events and arrangements – but you can’t expect our thorough support. Follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay in touch with the events

How long will I be part of the program?

If selected, you will become one of the Global Growth Agents for at least the duration of the program but we want to extend the support we give you after graduation – especially if you decide to stay in North Denmark.

How is the program structured?

The GGA program is divided in several different activities and events that will give you the tools to become the right employment candidate for the local business sector. Below you can see some of the activities you can expect to participate in as a Global Growth Agents program participant. 


Collaboration opportunities

Are you or your company interested in meeting, employing or hosting an internship for one of our agents?

Our Global Growth Agents are ready to take on new challenges together with companies in North Denmark. While at the GGA program, the selected international students are motivated to engage in project collaborations, have relevant student-jobs, start academic internships and get full-time employed by the regional public and business sectors. These opportunities are valuable for companies and organisations who want to work more with global-minded talents from different educations, backgrounds and experiences. Past examples of collaborations between our Agents and the local companies include Research project development with ARLA within the field of industrial medicine, Student-jobs at NEAS Energy (now called Centrica) in the energy trading sector, Academic internships at Rambøll in relation to their management in the building industry as well as full-time employment at LIFTRA A/S in the area of engineering and operation of exclusive projects for the wind turbine industry. 


Opportunities for your company or organisation

We can help your company specifically by:
  • Finding qualified profiles, with the right education and competences
  • Information and guidance if you are unsure about the different opportunities and rules in place regarding employing, collaborating or having an intern
  • Support with the paperwork and registry
  • Showcasing previous experiences and collaboration cases between the agents and companies
  • Share the different Agent profiles with your company or organisation if you are willing to hire your next employee  or start a project collaboration with one of the agents

Learn more

  ⇒  Follow our hashtag #GlobalGrowthAgents
  ⇒  Read testimonials from our previous participants
  ⇒  If you are interested in hearing more about the GGA program and how can you work with the Agents you can get in contact with the program coordinator Miguel Oliveira via e-mail: miol@aalborg.dk or via telephone: +45 5037 4872 





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