Tuesday, 4th February 2020 we took several international students and graduates to our first visit to EuroWind A/S in Hobro. Not only was it a good opportunity for our participants to meet each other again, but also to discover some of the possibilities that could be relevant for them after graduation – especially in another municipality of North Denmark. It was great to see and hear the active participation, and critical questions and inquiries given to our hosts; they were very happy about the participants’ curiosity and commitment during the visit to their company.

We had a cold, but pleasant walk from EuroWind A/S through Hobro. It might not have shown itself form the best side, but the town is worth a visit – especially in the spring and summertime, so you can really enjoy a cold beverage from the old brewery we were shown on the main pedestrian street.


A very big thank you goes to Edin Hajder, for showing us around Hobro, telling us small stories from the town, and introducing us to Hobro International Hub, where he is working with entrepreneurship, start-ups, and helping with the connection between international workers and companies in need of their knowhow.    

And here are the main points from our keynote speakers:  


Katrine Kryger, Project Assistant at EUROWIND ENERGY A/S

  • Used the metaphor of an octopus when describing her role in the company, and her work assignments. She works with a wide range of different administrative task, and her passion for her job, and the company she works for, shines through as she is giving the initial presentation of EuroWind A/S.
  • EuroWind A/S strives for a balance and wants to be involved in the whole process surrounding their products; from idea, all the way through until the product is “up-and-running”.
  • At the moment, the company works with around 95% wind turbines/ wind power, and 5% PV. The company wishes to develop more with PV, but it is a slow process.
  • The power the company produces is available for anyone who is interested in buying it. 

Zuzana, Country Manager – Slovakia, EUROWIND ENERGY A/S

  • She studied at AAU and was not planning on staying in Denmark after graduation but changed her mind after a visit to Jobvision (a company that works closely with JobCenter Aalborg) where she was helped to envision what she wanted for her future.
  • She started with an internship that lead to an employment. Last year she was headhunted to EuroWind A/S to work towards expanding to the Slovakian market.
  • Right now, she is working with going through Slovakian legislation and laws, cooperation with attorneys in Slovakia, with an aim for EuroWind A/S to expand into the Slovakian energy market.
  • Zuzana is currently learning the Danish language, nevertheless, at the time she got hired she couldn’t speak Danish.

Bo Schøler Country Manager Danmark, EUROWIND ENERGY A/S

  • Bo spoke about how EuroWind A/S “walks the walk” in the company, and how the house they are located at is producing 50% of its own power usage. They building is equipped with PV, a household turbine, they recycle a big part of their water, and have EV charges in their parking lot, to only mention a few of the technologies used at the location.
  • A project takes a minimum of 5 years from idea to implementation, that is if everything goes according to plan and there are no problems or delays arising.
  • GreenLab located outside Skive is a big project Bo is working on at the moment. It is a very large hybrid park, that recently received an 80. Million DKK grant for their work.
  • “let’s create a powershift” – EuroWind A/S is planning to be carbon neutral in the very near future.
  • Bo emphasizes that the future within their field of work is very challenging and exiting, because there is no one at the moment that can predict what is coming up next. He mentions hydrogen, ammonia and methane as possible tools, for moving on to a new, yet unknown, step in energy production and storage.

Edin Hejder, International Business Consultant – Hobro International Hub

  • Edin has made an introduction to the topic on “how to establish a company in Denmark”, where he delved into the best practices, the need for the business plans and some of the most important rules to take in account when establishing a company in Denmark.
  • Denmark is the best country in the world for doing business, and that includes the process of establishing a company.
  • At Hobro International Hub you will be able to participate in the ‘International Startup Café’, where you can learn more about establishing a company in North Denmark, learn with the experience of other business owners talking about their journeys, and network with like-minded people 
  • Edin is also able to give you advice on an 1:1 basis, whereby you can get specialized counselling.
  • You are very much welcome to get in contact with Edin by mail (eh@plusconsult.dk) or telephone (+45 28 96 55 72). Alternatively you can also visit him at Hobro International Hub.