On the 8th Of April 2019, we took international students for a company visit to CompanYoung, in Aalborg. We started the visit with an introduction and Tour of the office, together with Emma Pedersen, Internship Coordinator at CompanYoung. We were welcomed by Emma and she has introduced us to the company and what does the company do.

After the introduction, we were told about how does CompanYoung works with recruitment process, and how most of times students get an internship, are invited to continue as student assistants and most of them got a full-time employment after graduation.

Note that CompanYoung has currently close to 50 employees at the moment.

There was an very interesting part at the presentation where all the participants were asked to form groups and brainstorm about what expectations do the international students have towards a Danish company? – This was a very good exercise as this allowed us to unlock several  discussion points on what and what not should the company and the international student expect when starting an internship or full-time employment.

We have then gone for a tour of the office and we got to meet the different employees from the different departments.


The experience of an international at CompanYoung – Jindrich Jehlicka, Developer

After that, we had the opportunity to hear Jay (Jindrich Jehlicka), who comes from the Czech Republic and is working at CompanYoung for one year now. It was interesting to hear about his challenges as well as good aspects of working in a small company with many Danes. In fact when Jay has finished his AP Degree at UCN, he was a part of some company visits with us at the International House, and that gave him plenty of inspirations – he got the job at CompanYoung the next week we had a company visit to Telenor last year.