Thursday, November 14th 2019, International House North Denmark took around 30 International students from Aalborg University and University College Northern Denmark to a company visit at Startup Works, a co-working office space in the center of Aalborg. This office community is designed for tech startups with global ambitions. They offer inspiring facilities to help business grow. When they rent an office space at StartupWorks,they are not only renting an office or a desk space, but become part of a community. 

At StartupWorks, they believe that the best way to create growth in the business is to work with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from each others strengths, experiences and challenges. Their residents are tech enthusiasts who have unique and innovative ideas that can contribute to the technology of the future. Although the residents work with their own unique product and approach, they have one thing in common: They all have global ambitions and scalable potential.

In that sense, it was quite relevant for ENCIDA, one of the resident startups in the audio & sound engineering field, to meet highly skilled and ambitions international talents.

The participants could not only become inspired on the challenges and opportunities of the small companies and startups such as ENCIDA. They were also introduced to many insights of running a startup and collaborating in a co-office working space. Knowing that some of our international talents will become entrepreneurs themselves, this opportunity was especially important to disclose some practical aspects of starting a small company or becoming a freelance.