Tuesday afternoon, 11th February 2020, Manager Director Ulrich Kærgaard and Digital Marketing Manager Eglė Šegždaitė at Dynaway hosted 35 international students, showing them around their office space at NOVI Science Park in Aalborg, giving them an inspiring presentations about the company, and the way they work. Dynaway is part of EG A/S which is a Scandinavian technology partner with more than 1.000 employees working from 15 locations in Scandinavia and Poland. Dynaway’s vision is to enable their customers to become industry leaders through maintenance excellence, stellar implementation of their solutions and dedicated customer care.

Ulrich Kærgaard started with presenting Dynaway, telling the visiting students that they are 26 people working in their office at the moment, this is including “YoungSources” – students working part-time at Dynaway. The software company was started in 1998 and has sense its start sold 3 modules to Microsoft, that are being used around the world, and were selected by Microsoft as a strategic partner for Dynamics, selling the latest module to them in 2018; the Dynaway EAM bas module for inclusion in D365.             Ulrich went on, making a short introduction to some of the colleges working with him and Eglė, making a point of saying that there is room for all kinds of personalities, profiles and nationalities in Dynaway; no matter if the person is an introverted programmer, or extroverted salesperson, everyone will join for a Friday beer and “hygge”.

The day-to-day language used in Dynaway is English, since they are working with a wide range of companies from different countries who are using their software. As Ulrich explained it, at some point the information has to be translated to English anyway, so there is no point in using any other language. 


Being a “YoungSource”, or having an internship are great ways to start in Dynaway, to gain work experience and a network that could be useful in the future. Ulrich made it very clear that being active and interested in the both work assignments and the company are vital, as it shows commitment and a motivation for being a part of the team. When applying for a job – show initiative, and don’t wait for an opening being advertised online. If you can see a fit, or something you can contribute with, be proactive and contact them. It shows initiative to be able to argue your case, and what you can do for the company, to a potential employer. Dynaway will provide training for a new employee, but there are some expectations to knowledge and experience. Skills and motivations are two key words mentioned by Ulrich – they want to see and know what you can do; what are you interest and passions, what motivates you? According to Ulrich, personality is 80%, if not more, of the hiring process. Do your homework on the company before having an interview or even contacting them. Make sure to have a positive energy and attitude when meeting a company representative for a meeting, but do not over do it.         

During the interview process for new employees at Dynaway, the person is presented with a “forventningsafstemning”, to ensure a matching of expectations between the two parties. Here, the companies’ culture, or “unspoken rules” are written down and explained, to make sure that the new employee knows what is expected from them. When being employed by Dynaway, it is expected to be interested in new tech and be actively searching for knowledge and how to expand horizons. If there is a relevant conference, course or program, the company will pay all the expenses and for time spent learning.

Eglė Šegždaitė has a degree in Marketing Management and started as a “YoungSource” at Dynaway 2017. She was referred by a fellow student for the position, showing the importance of having a network as it is an important part of the Danish labor market. In her presentation to the students, she told them that the company does not differentiate between internationals and Danes, but that she had experiences some culture shocks when first starting. She mentions that Danish humor is “a bit special” at times, and many jokes where made about her – all with good intent, and that things like bringing a cake for your own birthday or having a beer in the office Friday afternoon was very foreign for her.  

The first day at work, she was sitting at her desk waiting for someone to come along to give her an assignment to work on, but no one came! Eglė realized after a few hours, after reading everything on the company’s website and googling what someone in her position was supposed to work with, that she would have to create her own tasks and assignments – to be creative, innovative and proactive. Eglė told the students, that you are expected to work independently, and that it all comes down to results. If you are in doubt or don’t know where to start – Ask.

Eglė gave the students a few points to consider for their future job search:

  • Clean up your SoMe accounts! Be aware of what you are showing the world.
  • Even if the day-to-day language is English, the chitchat during lunch or social gatherings is in Danish. To feel more included, and as part of the team, it is important to learn the local language.
  • In Denmark, workplaces in general have an informal culture and organizational hierarchy – relax and join in for social events and “hygge” as it shows an interest in both colleges and the company
  • You can volunteer with Dynaway, for example to partake in a project. It looks good on your CV and is an opportunity to gain experience.

Eglė keeps updated with her professional field, with taking courses, top-ups and reading relevant articles and publications. She uses LinkedIn a lot, and recommends google as a good tool to use, to find information.


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