Learning Danish can seem a daunting prospect when you first arrive in Denmark. While most Danes speak a high level of English, it is still a good idea to learn Danish, especially if you wish to enter the Danish labor market. Knowing at least some Danish indicates that you are trying to understand the Danish way of life and will help you build relationships with your colleagues. Attending Danish classes at language school can also be a good way to meet other international residents and build your network in a new place.


State-run language courses are offered by different centers, depending on where you live. A full list of language centers for the Nordjylland municipalities is listed at the bottom of this page.

Within a few weeks of arriving in Denmark you will receive a letter from your local municipality or your local language school with details on how to sign up for language courses. Note that unless you are an EU citizen you will need to have your CPR number  (information on this can be found here) before you can sign up or begin classes.

The courses offered vary between municipalities, but all aim to prepare you to be able to speak a level of Danish required for both the workplace and for social situations. In most cases you will be able to choose to participate in either daytime or evening classes. There may also be an opportunity to take part in online Danish courses.

In Aalborg it is the local language school (Sprogcenter Aalborg) that offers Danish language courses.

In order to learn Danish at the Sprogcenter Aalborg you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in Denmark (Aalborg Kommune)
  • have a Danish identification number (CPR)

Enrolment: Sign up for Danish tuition here

Refundable course deposit

With a Danish CPR number you can learn Danish at the Sprogcenter Aalborg. Students enrolling in Danish courses will be charged a refundable deposit of DKK 1.250. You cannot attend a Danish course until the refundable deposit is paid. You will be contacted regarding payment shortly after you have signed up. If you wish to have your deposit refunded you must contact the school in writing.


User’s fee

A fee for Danish classes is to be paid for students who do not recieve benefits from the kommune – that means foreign students, workers and accompanying spouses. For each module a fee of 2000,- kr has to be paid.


Information about the Danish education voucher system – klippekort

You are entitled to Danish education for up to five years. Within these five years, you are entitled to three and a half years of Danish lessons. All self-supporting students starting a new module in 2018 will be assigned a voucher. It is always the language school, who decides, when a student is ready for a module test and automatically continues on the next module.


Who needs a voucher to study Danish?

– foreigners who are in Denmark to study or work

– accompanying spouses

– foreigners following family reunification with a Danish citizen pursuant to EU regulations

– au pair persons


What is a voucher for Danish education?

The voucher holds up to 6 units each corresponding to one module of each Danish education. Each voucher consists of a max. number of months of education plus module test.


For more information and details: https://sprogcenter.aalborg.dk//english


Language school is the most structured way to learn Danish. However, there are other options if you don’t feel that language school is the right fit for you or if you wish to practice outside of language school. You could, for example, choose private one-on-one or group lessons or classes at an evening school. Some companies also offer their employees on-site Danish instruction. Furthermore, you can look to your local library for language cafés and conversation practice, as well as membership in a student-led organization or Danish sports club or as a volunteer.

Here is a list of some Danish language informal learning platforms or opportunities:

ElskAalborg: http://elskaalborg.dk/

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00-16:00 a language course takes place. During the first hour you learn something about Denmark in a short presentation. Then you practice the vowels, pronunciation and after that, the entire group splits up in four different levels. Level 1 is the basic level, level 4 is for the experienced talkers. It is your decision which level you want to join. After the official class at 16:00, you get the chance to try out baking Danish pastries, play table soccer or board games, chat in Danish, meet people and enjoy the company. Of course, you don’t have to go every time. It is free and completely open for everyone from everywhere. The values of ElskAalborg are: Kindness, helpfulness and hospitality.


Lingo Lovershttps://www.facebook.com/events/120015492027892/

Lingo Lovers is a language café consisting of volunteers and participants who wish to practice speaking foreign languages and share their interest in languages and other cultures with others in an international community. In autumn 2017, student Marianne Roed Abrahamsen took the initiative to start the project, and since then a handful participant has been in the language cafeteria and shared their language interests with others. The project has been developed in collaboration with Aalborg Libraries, which offers a place at the Main Library for the language cafeteria every second Tuesday.


Sprog Caféhttps://www.aalborgbibliotekerne.dk/vi-tilbyder/services/?id=28

In the Language and Homework Café volunteers are ready to help with homework and to learn the Danish language. It is free to join and there you can expect to meet others across cultures and talk over a cup of coffee.

You can get help with homework, help to understand inquiries / letters from authorities, to write a job application or to speak together in Danish.


Swap languagehttps://swaplanguage.com

An app that allows you to find other users who want to either learn your language or help you improve your Danish skills.


(for AAU students) Snak-dansk Sessions is a initiative for AAU students every Thursday from 16:00 to 17:00 where you can come and train your Danish language competences. Find more information in this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/InternationalBusinessCentre/about/?ref=page_internal


(for UCN students) Talk Danish Cafe! – Come spend two hours every week either on Tuesday or Wednesday where you get to learn some basic Danish, practice the Danish you already know or maybe just get to know some new people – It’s free for everyone to participate just stop by the library at UCN Hobrovej between 16 or 18 on the dates in the event. https://www.facebook.com/events/375851432952941/


Duolingo – This mobile phone app will help you getting started with the language, and get you introduced to many expressions and words. It is a great app to learn the ropes and practice everyday, also in addition to your Danish language course at the local language school – https://www.duolingo.com/course/da/en/Learn-Danish-Online


How long it will take you to learn Danish depends on many factors. For example:

  • Your native language (Germanic and other Scandinavian language speakers have an advantage)
  • Level of education
  • Whether you’ve studied another language
  • Level of motivation
  • Opportunities to use the language in daily life
  • Inherent talent for learning other languages

Studying the language full-time will probably result in being able to take and pass one of the official language exams (‘Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 or 3’) earlier than if you attend part-time.


Brønderslev Kommune
AOF Vendsyssel
To visit their website click here

Frederikshavn Kommune
AOF Nord
To visit their website click here

Hjørring Kommune
A2B Hjørring
To visit their website click here

Jammerbugt Kommune
Integrationscenter Domino
To visit their website click here

This is in Danish. You can find the contact information you need in the column to the right

Mariagerfjord Kommune
VUC Nordjylland
For their website click here

Rebild Kommune
A2B Størving
For their website click here

Vesthimmerland Kommune
UCplus Farsø
To visit their homepage click here

Aalborg Kommune
Language Center Aalborg
For their website click here

Thisted and Morsø Kommunes
Sprogcenter Thisted
For their website click here


Danish Courses for Expats and Spouses (For citizens in Hjørring Municipality)

Do you want a solid base for your life in Denmark and accuire knowledge about the Danish society, language and job possibilities?

A2B Danish courses for expats and their spouses is a free course, which provides you with both language skills and all you need to know about Denmark.

An A2B Course gives you:

  • Danish language skills designed for every day life
  • Knowledge about the Danish society, politics, state and communities
  • Information about the Danish educational system, network, and unique Danish associations
  • Understanding of Danish culture and behavior
  • Possibilities on the Danish job market

The courses takes place at

Sprogcenter A2B

Strømgade 6, 9800 Hjørring

P (+45) 82 19 99 77

If you want to know more, contact:

A2B                                                                    Jobcenter Hjørring

Henrik Nielsen                                                Kirsten Abildgaard

P (+45) 30 85 12 78                                         P (+45) 41 22 60 92

heni@a2b.dk                                                   kirsten-abildgaard@hjoerring.dk


You can read more about A2B at www.a2b.dk





+45 9931 1530