One of the three core services International House North Denmark provides for international citizens is help and advice related to entrepreneurship. There are several business counsellors available at IHND to answer your questions.

  • Clarify your business ideas
  • Spar as you develop a business plan
  • Seek permits and funding
  • Understand relevant Danish laws and regulations
  • Get referred to the appropriate authorities, banks, lawyers, etc.

BUSINESSAALBORG - Startup Club Aalborg

Do you have an entrepreneurial dream? Get advice on starting and developing your business idea. Startup Club Aalborg helps you get off to a good start with your business and can contribute with sparring, impartial guidance and networking.
StartUp Club Aalborg is for those who want to create their own business and for those of you who are already well underway, but would like a few extra eyes on the company’s development.

You have the idea and the concept – we can contribute with
sparring and impartial guidance.

Our most important mission is to make your entrepreneurial dream come true.

We offer
Entrepreneurial events
Network options
Drop-in advice
Individual guidance (you can boook an appointment)
Possibility of counseling with lawyer, accountant, marketing agency and others.

It is free to receive sparring and guidance from BusinessAalborg, participate in our entrepreneurial events and drop-in advice at Startup Café Aalborg.









Kickstart Aalborg is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization that is promoting entrepreneurship in Aalborg.  For the past 8 years, Kickstart has supported the Aalborg business scene primarily by organizing events relevant for anyone with interest in entrepreneurship. Second, free basic entrepreneurial consultancy services & workshops can be booked with the Kickstart team. One of Kickstart’s mottos is “Never stop learning”. Thus, besides all the activities done for the local business scene, the organization is also a learning platform providing its volunteers with informal education, event and project management, as well as networking and self-development opportunities. Kickstart takes pride in being the exclusive Aalborg organizer of:

  • Startup Weekend – an event that gives the opportunity to establish a company in 54 hours.
  • FuckUp Nights – night events where you can hear and share publicly business failure stories.
  • Pitching Game – Pitching Game is the fun training zone of public speaking, a series of events designed to improve your pitching skills.
  • Ignite – a series of discussions and debates about how can women become more active within entrepreneurship.






International House North Denmark’s Entrepreneurs Leave the Nest





OBI+, who until recently have been located in International House North Denmark is expanding and therefore moving to a new and bigger space. Administrative Director Mario Filchev and Chief Technical Officer George Jordanov founded OBI+ in 2016. OBI+ is an innovative and digitally advanced connected car-platform. By using OBI+ vehicles can easily be digitally upgraded for better maintenance and improved traffic safety. OBI+ can also help you find mechanics and dealers near by.

Mario Filchev and George Jordanov created the idea for OBI+ when they, after graduating at Aalborg University, both got a job at the same company in Skive. In 2015 they decided to participate in Startup Weekend at International House North Denmark, organized by one of the many organizations in the house, the entrepreneur organization KickstartAalborg. “We got the opportunity to spend a weekend with a lot of creative minds and test our idea for a connected car-platform”, Mario Filchev says. During this annual event, they could further develop their idea and present it to a group of judges.

Their idea won Startup Weekend in 2015 and (part of) the reward was an office space at KickstartAalborg in International House. The positive feedback and the 1st place at Startup Weekend made them focus on their idea as full time entrepreneurs shortly after.

Therefore OBI+ has been part of the entrepreneurial environment at International House North Denmark for a few years, where they have received entrepreneurial advice by Business Coach Edin Hajder and participated in different entrepreneur events such as (International) Startup Café. Project Leader at International House North Denmark Lasse Frimand Jensen elaborates: “Through International House, OBI+ has been able to exchange experiences and get advice from other entrepreneurs, as well as using our house for meetings and networking”.

OBI+ is an example of international entrepreneurs understanding to grow through diversity. During the last two years they have had a variety of international students as interns, and many of them have been hired since. From being just two, they now have five full time employees at OBI+. In addition they have a variety of external consultants and part-time employees – which are mostly international students. “OBI+ is a great example of how international and Danish students can be part of the development of a company startup, which can be successful, grow and create jobs in North Jutland”, Project Leader at International House North Denmark Lasse Frimand Jensen says.

OBI+ gives the possibility for an easy digital upgrade, which convert any car to a connected car. Therefore a new world awaits car owners and service providers with many innovative functions for better maintenance and improved traffic safety, and an introduction to new digital services. After seeing the company’s big market potential and their product, PreSeed Ventures and Sealand Capital have decided to invest in OBI+. This means that now the company can focus on expanding both nationally and internationally. Therefore OBI+ has left International House North Denmark and moved into a new and bigger space close to Aalborg City Centre. “Even though we have moved, we hope to continue the great collaboration with International House North Denmark and keep developing the international entrepreneur community”, Mario Filchev says.

The future for OBI+

OBI+ made it the goal of 2018 to establish a closer collaboration with more partners in Denmark, as well as attracting other global partners. The entrepreneurial company is already experiencing a lot of interest from large international companies and high-tech organizations.

“OBI+ is one example of many with similar results, and together with the Northern Business Offices we at International House North Denmark wish to guide and facilitate the right framework for continued success of international entrepreneurs”, Project Leader at International House North Denmark Lasse Frimand Jensen concludes.


About OBI+

Administrative Director Mario Filchev and CTO George Jordanov founded OBI+ in 2016. OBI+ is an innovative and digitally advanced connected car-platform. By using OBI+ vehicles can be easily upgraded with a lot of digital functions for better maintenance and improved traffic safety. OBI+ can also help you find mechanics and dealers near by. Read more here: www.obiplus.com

Contact Mario Filchev, administrative director: mf@obiplus.com, +45 31 48 67 78

From Frustration to Achievement

My name is Shima, and I am almost new here in Denmark. I wanted to open my company which is related to the education industry. Everyone had told me that “Oh that is so easy, you can do it on your own”. I tried, actually, I tried it many times, but with no success. I decided to ask a lawyer to help me. He told me that it would cost around 5000 kr. I accepted it. But he said first to go and “open your bank account”.

I did so, I went to the bank and I told them that I want to open a bank account but I have no CVR number. They then replied to me with a round ‘NO’. First, you need to have a CVR number. I was struggling between the bank and the lawyer. I was so frustrated. The idea of spending five minutes for opening a company became like a nightmare to me.

I was walking down the street and I said I will go with the International Startup Services; it was my last chance. I have never forgotten that moment when I stepped in. I was angry and hopeless. There were some guys sitting around a table and drinking coffee, and thank God they were speaking English. Their first reaction was: “oh, what happened to you? Are you ok?” And I replied “NO”. I was exhausted.

They invited me for a coffee and listened to my story. Specially Razvan from Kickstart Aalborg tried to make me calm down while being very friendly. Then a miracle happened. BANG BANG !!! in less than 15 min everything was done. After one month, and all those things that happened to me, I managed to solve my problem like a piece of cake. And it is all because of the team at the International House North Denmark.


About Shima

Shima has always been passionate about motorbiking and today she organises bike tours all over the world. One of the most charismatic is the Historic Route 66 (3945 km in the US for 2 weeks).

Shima Mehri was born on the 1st of January, 1980 in Tehran, Iran. Shima is the oldest child of her family. She lived in Dubai for 12 years and rides her Harley-Davidson as a professional Biker. She also works as a model, translator, and mathematics teacher.

When she was a little kid, she had travelled to Austria. She would watch girls riding motorcycles and was dreaming of one day being able to ride one of her own. In 2008 she moved to Dubai. Right after that she got her motorcycle license and bought her first bike which was Harley Davidson Sportster 803.

In 2012 she did her first riding challenge. She rode 805 Km in 12 hours non-stop and became the first woman in GCC to complete such a challenge.

In 2014 she got the title of Road Captain and became as the first woman in GCC to receive the title. In 2015 she had done her second challenge, 1700 Km non-stop ride in 19 hours.

On 1 April 2016, she decided to achieve the title of the first woman in the world to have ridden 2500 Km non-stop in 24 hours. But unfortunately, because of a sandstorm after 1000 Km, she had a dreadful accident. She got spine fractures, but in spite of such a dangerous accident, she has started riding again after just 2 months.

On May 2016 she became the first woman in the world with the title Head Road Captain. Read more here: http://www.shimamehri.com





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