Our Expat Host Program creates a bridge between expats in North Denmark and assimilated international or local volunteers, who help them settle in. As a mentor you gain personal satisfaction and the possibility to share experience, while learnning about different cultures and approaches on life. As a mentee you gain proffesional networking opportunities, advice, feedback, and an expanded base of skills to help you in your new life in Denmark.

Who can become a host?

Anyone who is willing to volunteer his/her time to share knowledge and help newcomers navigate around the Danish labor market, give feedback and advice regarding career and cultural opportunities. You can be Danish or international – the important thing is that you want to help a newcomer and know to some extend the Danish culture. There is a possibility to become a Cultural host, or a Career host. Alternatively, it is also possible to focus on both cultural and professional (career) aspects while being  a host.

Who can get a host?

Any newcomer in North Denmark can participate in the program and get a host. Participation in the Expat Host Program is free of charge, however, it requires effort and commitment to meet up minimum once a month.

The Expat Host Program has been running as a pilot project, and now the concept is modelled as a fixed IHND program.

International House North Denmark’s Secretariat has the responsibility of matchmaking the mentors with the mentees, and the process will be undertaken on a ongoing basis.

Registration and start!

You are welcome to sign up, using the links below. Download the documents to your desktop, and once you have filled them out, please send them to info@ihnd.dk. Remember to add ‘Expat Host Program’ in the mail topic.


Please note that the matching process may take up to a few weeks. The more information you will share with us, the more suitable match we can come up with. We will not guarantee that we will find you a perfect match, but we will definitively try our best. Once we receive your registration form we might contact you to hear more about and your wishes you or to further discuss the matching options.