We help your company finding highly qualified international students and graduates

Opportunity to work with international talents in North Denmark

Our international students are eager to work and stay in North Denmark, learn the language and help your company grow. We work with highly educated international profiles who live in North Denmark. Among others, these talents can contribute with their language and cultural skills as well as knowledge about foreign markets and businesses. They do also have relevant professional knowledge and techni­cal skills. Many of our talents are available for academic internships, project collaborations and work after graduation. We collaborate closely with Aalborg University and University College North Denmark to ensure that companies have a one point of entry for the international students. 

"At the Asian Business Fair I was introduced to several companies. Shortly afterwards I was offered some interviews for internship. Today I work as a mechanical engineer for Liftra A/S"

Yang Che LinAalborg University Alumni & Project engineer at Liftra A/S

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What does your company get out of it?

Collaborating with the International House North Denmark can guarantee that your company gets access to the relevant international students and graduates.

  • Have one permanent  point of contact
  • Free support to recruitment and matchmaking 
  • Opportunity to find experienced candidates as well as young talents with the right background and experience
  • Expand you network of qualified candidates & reach other candidates who do not use your recruitment channels
  • Opportunity to get assistance with on-boarding of newly hired graduates
  • Get international exposure of your company and job positions
  • Achieve your export efforts and goals with our highly qualified international students and graduates
  • Support with finding a dedicated business and career mentor for your international student 
  • Draw inspiration and learn with experiences from the network of companies who hire our international talented students
  • Information and guidance if you are unsure about the different opportunities and rules in place regarding employing, collaborating or having an intern
  • Support with the paperwork and registry
  • Showcasing previous experiences and collaboration cases between international students and companies

"The students that come from International House North Denmark are talented, hardworking and most of all, responsible and independent. We experience the value of it every single day and it is very enriching"

Karen Højmark HansenAskCody COO

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Our experience

Are you or your company interested in meeting, employing or hosting an internship for one of our international students?

The international students we work with are ready to take on new challenges together with companies in North Denmark. These selected international students are motivated to engage in project collaborations, have relevant student-jobs, start academic internships and get full-time employed by the regional public and business sectors. These opportunities are valuable for companies and organisations who want to work more with global-minded talents from different educations, backgrounds and experiences. Past examples of collaborations between our international students and the local companies includes among others research project development with ARLA within the field of industrial medicine, student-jobs at Centrica (previously named NEAS Energy) in the energy trading sector, academic internships at Rambøll in relation to their management in the building industry as well as full-time employment at LIFTRA A/S in the area of engineering and operation of exclusive projects for the wind turbine industry.


If you are interested in hearing more about international students and how can you work with them, get in contact with Miguel Oliveira via 5037 4872 or  Together we will discuss your needs and how can we best help you.

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