The first thing you need in order to access digital post is NemID, which consists of a unique user ID, a password, and a code from a code card you receive once you have registered. (The code card is a small laminated card – the size of a credit card – that you receive in the mail and has a list of 6-digit numerical, one-time codes.)

There are three ways to get NemID: through your bank, at the Citizens Service office, or online. If you have a bank account in Denmark (see below) and money from an employer (salary) or any type of public benefit that is deposited in your account, you already have NemID. (It’s what you need to sign into online banking, too.) Please note that if you are able to access your bank account online using NemID but find that you cannot access your information via public authorities, you will need to attach a public digital signature to your NemID in order to do so. You can do SO online, via the button below (available only to those with a Danish passport or Danish driver’s license) or visit the Citizens Service office in person.

Please note that to use NemID you will need the latest version of Java on your computer; signing into a webpage via NemID only works with the most recent version, which is updated periodically.





Armed with your NemID and public digital signature, you can register to access your digital mailbox either through or In fact, it is that runs the Digital Post system in Denmark but you, as an individual, can access your digital mailbox through either site. (Please note, however, that only has information and help in English; you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and changing the language to English.) Once you have registered, you’re set up to send and receive mail from the government, regional and municipal authorities, the tax authorities (‘SKAT’), as well as correspondence from your bank, internet provider, insurance company, etc. if you so choose.

The Digital Post system is easy to use once you set up your mailbox. It operates like many email services with a simple interface. You can also sign up to receive notifications via email and/or SMS each time you receive mail in your digital mailbox in order to ensure that you do not miss any important correspondence.





The Danish government recognizes that some people will have difficulty accessing and/or using mail electronically. You may qualify for an exemption from the use of digital post if you:

  • Do not have access to a computer with adequate internet connection in your place of residence
  • Have a physical or cognitive disability that prevents you from receiving digital mail
  • Are registered as having left Denmark (and are thus not covered under the law)
  • Are homeless
  • Have language difficulties
  • Have practical difficulties in obtaining NemID

However, in order to be exempt from registering for Digital Post, you must visit your municipality’s citizen services, and sign a form indicating which of the exemptions applies to you, and show identification. [Please note: even if you qualify for one of the exemptions, notifications about state-paid salaries and state education support (SU) payments will only be made digitally; contact the SU authorities about the latter if you wish to be exempt from receiving SU-related correspondence by Digital Post.]

Many of the exemptions will be temporary; it is expected that language barriers and access to Internet, for example, can be overcome. Therefore, such exemptions will only apply from the date you register for the exemption until 1 November of the second calendar year after registration. Permanent exemptions, such as a disability, dementia, etc., will be recognized as such by the public authorities.

For more information about Digital Post in other languages, visit the webpage below and scroll down to “Digital Post in other languages”.







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