International House North Denmark helps to overcome challenges related to the labour shortage in the region by implementing the following programs. These projects help the international community network find jobs and integrating in the North Denmark region.


We work with talented and highly qualified international students who can help grow our local companies. 

We help your company finding highly qualified international students. They can contribute with their language and cultural skills as well as knowledge about foreign markets and businesses. We collaborate closely with Aalborg University and University College North Denmark to ensure that companies have just one point of entry for international students. 



The Expat Host Program is an initiative developed towards assisting new expats in the region.


For many people coming to Aalborg and the region of North Denmark, it can be a challenge to get to know the local community and establish a network that would lead to better knowledge about specific interests and career opportunities. IHND Secretariat and IUVENIS have developed a program where newcomers can meet local volunteers that will help them establish a network, develop friendships and get the knowledge to overcome obstacles.

This program gives expats the option to choose between a career host and a cultural host, or both. While career hosts focus on career mentoring, job opportunities and the Danish labour market, the cultural host will introduce expats to cultural life, local activities and give them a chance to make new friends and acquaintances.



Spouse Space is an initiative oriented towards the spouses and/or accompanying families of expats.

Join our network for accompanying spouses and partners where we host monthly meetings focusing on what the needs are in order to find a good life in North Denmark.



The Global Outlook Strategy Program (GOSP) program is developed with the purpose of educating North Danish companies in thinking more globally, seeing the possibilities within globalization and in addition, to make them better suited to operate and compete globally.

GOSP focuses on teaching companies from North Denmark to think globally and to see global growth opportunities both in regards to the international qualified workforce in North Denmark and abroad, but also in regards to exporting opportunities abroad. INHDS Secretariat is responsible for GOSP initiatives such as courses within the topics of attracting and retaining international qualified workers, globalization and global mindset, diversity management and exporting. International House North Denmark has a coordinating role in finding participating company owners through its network and also while maintaining its respective marketing. The project partners assemble the team of speakers for the different courses and help setting up the seminars. See the press release here Pressemeddelelse efter Fyraftensseminar

If you missed our fyraftensseminar see the presentations etc. here:

Presentation from Dansk Industri about global management

Presentation from International House North Denmark

Presentation from Eksportrådet


We at the International House North Denmark value sustainability and therefore we dedicate some of our free time in several projects and events. the SDG’s in the House is our latest project. 


I have been attending the Spouse Space meeting since its beginning. I believe this project to be very innovative in the sense that it provides a platform for international spouses to meet, interact and network. The staff at IHND also takes great care to make everybody feel at home and make the meetings participatory. I always look forward to this monthly meeting and appreciate the agenda-based structure. We know the theme beforehand and can thus prepare a bit too. I've got to know people from other backgrounds through this group and it helps a lot regarding networking. Another big help, I believe, is that the meetings are very informal and provide a lot of freedom to participants. Members are welcome to come with their children too, which is very helpful. Job searching takes its own time, but this group keeps the motivation alive.

- Samapika Pati

I have been in Denmark for one year now, as I moved to Aalborg to join my husband who is working at a Danish company. I am educated as a computer engineer, but when I came to Aalborg I had to switch gears both in terms of my personal and professional life. It was difficult to get a foothold here when you don't have any friends. International House North Denmark's Spouse Space is this amazing place where I don't feel alone, a place where I see other people just like me trying to find their way. I also get to meet people who found their way and are coming back to lend a helping hand. Everyone working there have a zest for life and are always looking for ways to make the atmosphere "hyggelig". It's a place where people pull out all the stops to help the spouses who are new to Denmark.

- Bhavani Jalkrish

“I wholeheartedly recommend the GGA program as the following candidates get to know how to start a career in North Jutland. Meanwhile, you can build long-term friendships, discover new passions and get included within the Danish society.”

Ionut-Valentin MunteanuGGA Alumni & Technical Quality Assurance at CIvicTech

“The International House staff are very supportive not only regarding your career life but also regarding anything you might need help with.”

Lisa SchulteGGA Alumni & Team Assistant at Deilmann-haniel





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