North Denmark is full of private, public, and volunteer organizations that organize and run social and cultural events for Danish and international residents in the region. One of the unique pillars of International House North Denmark is our inclusion of civil society organizations in the house. There is high diversity of organizations, some are student-focused and others are expat, which reflects the high level of activity among university students and expats in the region see a list of the organizations below:


Aalborg International Friends is a community for internationals in Aalborg. They arrange a variety of different social and cultural events in Aalborg. To find out more about Aalborg International Friends you can visit their website or Facebook.



AIESEC in Aalborg is a local branch of the world’s largest youth-run organization present in more than 126 countries. AIESEC provides an opportunity for young people to work or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments. We develop youth leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. We ensure that these are present by facilitating cross-cultural exchanges and by creating these opportunities in membership roles. Our members work in teams to create and manage these cross-cultural exchange experiences. This provides an opportunity for our members to live powerful team experiences and develop their own leadership potential and soft-skills while building a personal and professional network. For students and new graduates in Aalborg, AIESEC offers:

    • unpaid internships in startups abroad
    • volunteering experiences working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
    • cross-cultural learning through workshops with AIESEC






European Youth is a cross-party organization that works for deeper integration between the European Union and Denmark. We strive to create a more democratic and united Europe in which Denmark has an equal voice with other Member States. Moreover, we seek to spread information and generate debate about the development of the EU and Danish EU policy among the younger generations, especially among students. In addition to seminars, conferences and trainings we increase the competences of our members by providing them with internships, networking opportunities and job possibilities. To learn more about European Youth North take a look at their website or Facebook.













I-Life is a nonprofit Student organization run by volunteers. We organize trips and social arrangements for international students in Aalborg, with the aim of introducing them to Danish culture and traditions in a more student affordable way. This also opens up for great possibilities in networking or if you want to become a volunteer. You’ll find more information on our FB page













‘StudyLife is a non-profit organization, made by students for students. It aims to provide all relevant information to Aalborg students and promotes all student relevant events, projects and companies. StudyLife is a community of motivated volunteers and it recruits students who want to develop themselves personally and professionally and offer them a chance to reach their full potential. See more by taking a look at their Facebook page.













Toastmasters of Aalborg is part of Toastmasters International, which is the undisputed world leader in public speaking training, with over 14,500 clubs and more than 300,000 members in approximately 126 countries. The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Our own club is friendly, fun and a safe place to practice. Come and meet Toastmasters at their events or through Facebook and their website.













The United Nations Youth Association of Denmark (UNYA DK) is an NGO and a community for young people passionate about and interested in the work and values of the United Nations (UN). We are a national youth association present in both Aalborg and Copenhagen and are an essential part of the UN civil society network in Denmark and the network of UN youth associations abroad. Here in Aalborg, volunteers plan and organize meaningful activities that seek to engage the local community with topics like topics related to international relations, human rights, sustainable development, and the UN as an organization for peace. Through talks, debates, and activities, we seek to educate, involve, represent, and act as a forum for young people believing in our shared global responsibility.













Volt Danmark is the Danish branch of Volt Europa. Volt is a pan-European progressive political movement, focused on changing the way politics is done and shaping the future of Europe. Working together we can shape Europe into a united Europe, under the highest standards of environmental, human, and social development. A Europe where its citizens and residents, are able to develop their true potential and have the necessary tools to shape their societies. The future does not have to be a political status quo – give the next generation a chance! Join us and together let’s build our future!













Aalborg Rotary International Club is one of 35,000+ Rotary Clubs network. We are professionals from around the world, living and working in Aalborg area. Our meetings are conducted in English every week and we organize activities dedicated to culture and nature, creating network and a chance to benefit from each other’s experience. The club feature talks from its own members, external specialists and visits to companies. Rotary also undertakes humanitarian work on a global scale – eradicating Polio has been our major focus in recent years. 













Kickstart Aalborg is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization that is promoting entrepreneurship in Aalborg.  For the past 8 years Kickstart is supporting the Aalborg business scene primarily by organizing events relevant for anyone with interest in entrepreneurship. Second, free basic entrepreneurial consultancy services & workshops can be booked with Kickstart team. One of Kickstart’s motto is “Never stop learning”. Thus, besides all the activities done for the local business scene the organization is also a “learning platform” benefiting its volunteers with informal education, event and project management, networking & self-development opportunities. Kickstart takes pride in being exclusive Aalborg organizer of:








  • Startup Weekend
  • FuckUp Nights 
  • Pitching Game Ignite 






Denmark’s Vegan Association is an association for vegans and people interested in veganism. We are a nationally active organization characterized by a kind and clear approach to veganism that always connects the word “veganism” with its many advantages for people, environment, and animals.





Based on our volunteers’ passionate work to promote veganism, we have local groups in the whole country. Here in Aalborg we also create the ground for veganism to flourish in Denmark, by organizing fun events, sharing and serving plant-based food, and connecting people interested in veganism. We show how delicious vegan food is and how easy it is to make healthy, environment-, and animal-friendly choices in our everyday life.






Silba’s aim is to strengthen and support civil society in Europe. At the local level we do this by organising events regarding aspects of civil society with guest lectures or social events. At the national level we organise Election Observation Missions to European countries and neighbor countries, where one will be able to participate in the local dialogue about democracy.













Project 2030 is a youth organization that aims to promote equality, diversity, and sustainable living. It is run by a diverse group of students and volunteers from all over the world currently located in Aalborg, Denmark. Our focus is on finding and promoting practical solutions to achieving the UN SDGs by 2030.













The International Network of Green Agents represents a peer-network with the ambition to consult with business, government, and partners using a collaborative consultation service to progress sustainable transitions. 



INGA is the culmination of interdisciplinary, internationality with a common interest – the question of how to transition to a more sustainable way of living.
INGA aims to create a bridge between the international community and key decision makers within government to ensure that the tremendous knowledge capital of international academic communities and citizens can be translated into the offices of local government and key business stakeholders around the world.

Additional, the international network strives to facilitate, assist and activate green agents as they support and lead green transitions in cities globally. While creating a strong network between green agents in order to encourage collaboration and networking to stimulate partnerships and teams to accelerate projects and information sharing globally. 




What’s happening in North Denmark?


Through Visit Nordjylland you can find a complete list of activities all over the region – ranging from attractions to wellness, all the way from Skagen to Rebild.












Use this guide to find the best experiences North Jutland has to offer.







International House North Denmark is doing an art project in Nørresundby, together with many other organisations.









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Pressemeddelelse Kunstprojekt Nørresundby midtby

What to do in your spare time?

No matter what your interests are, outside of school, work or your home, be sure there is a place for it in North Denmark. Whether it is football, acting, ornithology, fencing, singing, hiking or mushroom picking – odds are there is a club specializing in just that.


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